Austin, Central Texas and San Antonio

- Elite Patient Care is going strong in 3 regions. We are supported by a growing number of providers specifically trained to meet the needs of our clients and patients. Currently, we provide medical services to approximately 66 post-acute facilities.

- Elite Patient Care works in partnership with each of these facilities to develop the programs which will better serve their communities, focusing on patient needs.

- Elite Patient Care’s attention to detail and ability to work together with facility’s leadership has resulted in the creation of specific programs. These programs address the unique needs in IPR, LTC, and SNF. 

- Based on our responsibility to clinical outcomes, EPC created a transitional care team to follow the patient at home during the crucial period between inpatient and the reestablishment of community based services. 

- Transitions To Home is a program designed to offer continuity of care at their home environment.

Elite Patient Care Transitions To Home, offers services to those patients transitioning from any medical environment to home. We are there for you and your caregivers to offer quality care, guidance, and support placing you on a path to good health.

- Seamless Transitions

- Ease of access

Elite Patient Care Transitions To Home is a program designed to offer continuity of care. We are there to implement a plan for continued quality medical care.

- Evaluation of needs

- Medication reconciliation

- Home health collaboration

 Elite Patient Care Transitions To Home, will follow you or your loved one from the point of transition until they are seen by their primary care physician. We will ensure the necessary information for follow up is provided to your physician, ensuring continued communication regarding your care.

- Coordination of appointment to primary care.

- Pathway to good health



Providing the Bridge from Hospital to Home

Medicare spends as much or more for patient care in the 90 days after discharge as it does for the initial hospitalization. This crucial fact is one of the many reasons why Elite Patient Care (EPC) has researched, developed, and established a solution for this growing problem. Although we are not alone in our quest to provide an answer, we pride ourselves on our delivery of an outstanding clinical product. 


Our solution is the Transitions to Home program© (TTH). Like many of our other programs, the core value is provided by our specialized Nurse Practitioners. EPC NP's are able to assess, treat, and prevent acute medical problems that would typically lead to a re-hospitalization and other unwanted outcomes. In conjunction with our Care Coordinators (CC), the Elite NP form a team of advocates for the patient to ensure that home health services, DME, and medications are all in order. 


The NPs focus on the management of the patient and provide the initial care while in the home setting. The TTH© Care Coordinators monitor the patient’s progress over the following 90 days and ensure that proper communication persists for the entire episode of care. The CC’s and NP’s work diligently to make sure that both patient and family have the resources necessary to be successful and complete their recovery at home. Another of our primary goals is to assist the patient in re-establishing a connection with their primary care physician (PCP). Because EPC feels that avoiding PCP disenfranchisement is crucial, we will assist patients in securing a follow-up visit and provide the clinicians updated results from our electronic health record. As important, and in the event the patient does not have a primary care physician, our nurse practitioners will provide primary care until one can be found. 


We at Elite Patient Care are extremely proud of our results and excited to be leading the charge in transitional care. 


Michael Emery, FNP-C

Director of Clinical Operations